Welcome to the Physical Web

Loxima beacons allow your customers to interact directly with your website, exhibits, shops, venues and adverts. The bluetooth beacons constantly transmit a URL to all nearby smartphones, your customers can then choose to interact with that URL.

Powerful Flexibility

Loxima allows you to instantly change where your beacons send your customers. Point the URL to your latest deal, to a new product or a special offer instantly. Re-use your beacons from events, for-sale signage or exhibits.

Customer Insight

Loxima records every scan and interaction for every beacon. This allows you to measure your physical-to-online (PtO) conversion rate and identify your most popular exhibits.

Customise the Experience

Unique to Loxima - customise the title, description and logo that appear on the customer's smartphone. This is especially useful if your URL points to a page outside of your control or if you want to provide a unique call-to-action for smartphone customers.